Casio CZ-101 and CZ-1000 non volatile memory mod DIY instructions

Artefacts does no longer sell these kits but here is some information to roll your on kit. Please read carefully before you start.

The main NV memory controller used by the CZ-101 NV memory kit is no longer manufactured and therefore is no available at electronic component distributors. It might be available at a local supplier and is sold in low quantities on eBay. Because I can not verify the source and quality of the chips offered on eBay I decided to stop selling the kit. The controller used in the kit is a DS1210.

A schematic with the 16 pin soic DS1210S can be found in figure 1, if you prefer to make your own non volatile memory kit on a piece strip board you can also use a DS1210 in 8 pin dip package. Look in the data sheet for pin numbering.

figure 1, schematic CZ NV memory, U1 is DS1210S

I still have several PCBs left for the DS1210S you can order them for 5,75 euro including postage everywhere in the world. If you want to order a PCB please send me an email at
CZ Non volatile mod pcb
figure 2 PCB for DS1210S

Artefacts is not responsible for any damage to your synthesizer, lost patches or any other problem that occurred by installing the kit. I do not respond to any questions regarding building the kit or problems that might occur during the installation!!! The modification will only work when the voltage of the RAM is between 4.75Volt and 5.5Volt when the synthesizer is switched on. The standby voltage should be lower then 4,25Volt, you can find some details about adjusting the standby voltage in the Installation Manual (below figure 6). Measure the voltage when the synth is on between the same wires.
If the voltages are not in range do not try to install the kit, it will not work!

Some instructions to assemble the PCB
Clean the PCB and use plenty of flux. Align the DS1210S and solder the chip in your preferred way to the PCB. Attach the wires to pads on the pcb as shown in picture 3. If you use the same colors as in picture 3 you can follow the color scheme used in the installation manual of the NV mod kit.
CZNV PCB wired
Figure 3, wires and DS1210 soldered to the pcb.

You can install a battery holder or a solder a wire ended 3.6V 1/2AA battery directly to the PCB. Make sure to clean the PCB with flux cleaner or alcohol. You can mount the pcb with some angled bracket as shown in the installation manual or use heat shrink to isolate the kit and attach it with a tyrap or some kind adhesive somewhere inside the CZ-101. If you use a bracket make sure you use some kind of spacer or plastic washers so the contacts are not shorted on by the metal bracket. See picture 4.
CZ NV spacer
Figure 4, bracket installed, note the space between bracket and solder pads.
Instructions for the installation of the kit can be found in this Installation Manual

For the kit you need:
1x PCB from Artefacts
1x DS1210S eBay or other source
1x Battery 1/2AA 3.6V Farnell order code 1187252 or similar
1x Battery holder 1/2AA Keystone 108 and 108C Farnell order code 1650673 and 2293263
5x Wires is various colors length about 22cm
1x Bracket Rs components order code 427-991
1x M3 screw and nut and plastic washers